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Message from the Dean

To prospective parents and students:

Life at Nixor is not easy.  It is meaningful; it is purposeful, but it isn’t easy.  This is just as true for Nixor teachers and administrators as it is for students.  But then, any meaningful pursuit requires hard work and commitment.  My job is to ensure that you get all the guidance and support, both inside and outside the classroom that an academic institution should provide.


The gap between what the students/parents expect and need versus what schools in general can now deliver has many contributing factors. 

Teacher turnover, non-existent academic support for students with greater need, disruptions in class due to miss-timed extracurricular activity, lack of academic and career counseling, etc have facilitated the shift away from schools and towards tuition centers – an unenviable reality for any student and the trailing demands on the parents’ resources.


But, some wounds are also self-inflicted.  Putting off studying until a couple of months before the exams is perhaps the biggest factor.  Catching up in a matter of a couple of weeks can only be done in crash courses at tuition centers.


The resulting grade – even if it is satisfactory – has little bearing on the fundamental understanding of the subject in question.

What will make any Nixor experience challenging yet highly rewarding is our willingness to change - to establish new norms and work habits.  Our expectations have to be higher not just from each other but ourselves as well.    


As you explore this website, I would encourage you to focus on elements of our program that relate to academics, counseling, skill development through extra-curricular activities and the rights and obligations of individuals in a healthy community.  A clear understanding of the program will help you assess your fit with the philosophy and culture of the Nixor Community.


I am excited about the possibility of change that Nixor O Levels presents us. Together, we have a chance to make a meaningful impact on education and leave a lasting legacy for this and future generations of students. 


I look forward to meeting you through the admissions process.





Nadeem Ghani

Dean – Nixor O Levels.  

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