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5 Year Road Map

At Nixor O Levels, our goal is to make a 5 year plan for your student - starting from grade nine, to the completion of A Levels, after which the student is ready for the university placement process.

Our approach is to identify and take into account the following factors:


  • Aptitude for the subject, as determined by end of year examination results for various subjects

  • Key Skills which include the following: Analytical Capacity; Critical Thinking; Logical Reasoning & Verbal Comprehension

  • The effect of personality

  • Interest and work skills preference

  • Thinking Styles Assessment


When all the above factors are taken into consideration, it will provide teachers and administrators with information regarding the student’s learning ability, strengths and weaknesses, and how this may impact the student’s academic progress, University choices & career and subject preferences.

The Process

Stage 1: Enrolled students will be called in for an exploratory meeting with the Counseling Team

Stage 2 : Detailed Counseling Session with Parents & Students to discuss the results of the Supplementary tests. This will also include a career counseling session with our team of experienced counselors

The basic output of the counseling sessions will  be the following:

  • Identify and recommend O Level Majors/Subjects

  • Possible career options

  • Recommendations for structured ECAs

  • Important Standardized tests that need to be taken

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