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While a student’s past academic performance is taken into consideration while evaluating their fit at Nixor, a sense of ownership for one’s community and strength of leadership are also considered as strong attributes. 

The admissions process comprises of the following phases:

Stage 1: Admission Application

Students are required to fill out an online application. The online application provides the admissions team with basic information about the student’s academic and extracurricular background.

Stage 2: Entrance Test

The Nixor O Levels Admissions Test evaluates student’s basic Mathematical and language skills.  The difficulty for both subjects will be consistent with the upper tier of CIE standards for the respective grade level.

Required Documents at the time of the Interview
Stage 3: Admissions Interview

The interview process consists of two phases.

  1. A disussion between the applicant and a member of the admissions team on a given topic.

  2. An interview  with the applicant and both parents. This interview helps in determining if the Nixor community, its philosophy and academic rigor is a good fit for the student’s skills and interests.

  • A copy of the school report book (of the last 3 years)

  • A copy of the birth certificate

  • Two passport sized photographs in formal attire

  • Family photograph ( photograph must have at least the prospective student and parents)


*An unattested copy will be sufficient at this stage, verification of all documents will be done after an offer is extended


Note: Applicants who have not been extended an offer, cannot apply again for the same academic year.

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