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About Us

Established in 2015, Nixor O Levels is a CIE certified O Level School (registration number PK678). It provides a dynamic and collaborative learning environment conducive to student growth and development. The program ensures that students obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to combine academic ability and intellectual curiosity with integrity and good character.


Nixor O Levels espouses a philosophy of diversity, which is achieved through a mixed ability intake as well as through students from varying socio-economic backgrounds. Academics are given utmost priority, while at the same time students are encouraged to engage outside the classroom. There is a strong emphasis on intellectual growth, character development and well-roundedness- attributes sought by Nixor School for A Levels in its admissions applicants. 


Provide unparalleled academic and administrative support that eliminates the need for external tuitions; thus, developing independent learners with strong critical thinking and linguistic skills.


Students learn best when they are actively involved in their education, when they become responsible for their growth as students, and when their learning is based on life experiences, which is why Nixor O Levels offers a diverse range of subjects that will not only enhance student learning but also develop 21st century skills that will help students become lifelong learners.



  • Guide students towards mastery in a wide a variety of academic, athletic and artistic endeavours

  • Cultivate depth of character, in order to develop the below said core values

  • Help students gain self-knowledge through reflective thinking

  • Spark passion by involving students wholeheatedly in their learning

  • Foster a sense of community

Core Values

Courage in Action                                                  Pursuit of Excellence                                              Unquestionable Ethics                                                Unconditional Respect  

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