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Nixor O Levels is a well-balanced blend of academics and extracurricular activities, as academic rigor is incorporated in the Core Values of the institution. We not only promote academic rigor, but also in-depth study, challenging coursework and a range of subjects that compliments a variety of student interests.  


TA Programme
No-Tuition Policy

In addition to top tier teaching inside the classroom, Nixor provides additional academic support to all its students consistent with their needs. This need is determined either by the student, parent, the teacher or the academic counselor. A plan is formulated with the help of the teacher and the counselor to conduct after hours classes on campus with the respective subject TA. This additional support is provided without any additional charge and is covered within in the basic program fee.


The TAs are Nixor College students with outstanding academic achievement in O Levels and AS Levels. This program is identical to the approach followed by US universities where graduate students function as TAs for their undergraduate counterparts.

Almost 80% of O Level students in Pakistan avail some form of exam preparation outside of school.  At Nixor, we feel that this limits the student’s intellectual drive as well as hampers the ability to think independently and critically. Hence, tuitions at Nixor are prohibited. This increasingly encourages students to take greater responsibility for their own learning. The focus is on a conceptual & holistic understanding of the subject rather than an exam centered approach.


Furthermore, regular feedback is given through graded homework assignments & weekend classes. Students who fail to adhere to Nixor’s no-tuition policy may have to face consequences such as being dropped from the subject in question, being made to register privately for CIE examinations and/or being asked to withdraw from Nixor altogether. These students will also not be considered in the admission for the A Level program.

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