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Link with Nixor College

The following resources are shared between Nixor O Levels and Nixor College:


Many of the teachers who teach at Nixor College will also lead their respective departments and teach in the O Level program.  A thorough understanding of the requirements of A Levels makes for a more targeted curriculum and fundamental concept development required from O Level students.

Teaching Assistants

In addition to top tier teaching inside the classroom, Nixor provides additional academic support to all its students consistent with their needs. This need is determined either by the student, parent, the teacher or the academic counselor. A plan is formulated with the help of the teacher and the counselor to conduct after hours classes on campus with the respective subject TA. The TAs are Nixor College students with outstanding academic achievement in O Levels and AS Levels.  The base tuition fee includes this service.

Extracurricular Programme

Nixor has a policy of engaging the best talent for faculty and coaching staff. A significant overlap exists in the coach staff for sports and debate as well as coordinators for the Nixor Corporate Program.

Admission to Nixor College

O Level students will have a significant advantage given their understanding of the culture and philosophy of Nixor. The greatest emphasis will be placed on the student’s transcript, recommendation from teachers and ECA coordinators, and disciplinary track record.

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